A Momoa x Nash "On The Roam" Collaboration With Paths™

The Polished Nuts Knuckle Hammer - Stainless Steel
The Polished Nuts Knuckle Hammer - Stainless Steel
The Polished Nuts Knuckle Hammer - Stainless Steel
The Polished Nuts Knuckle Hammer - Stainless Steel
Each Nash/On The Roam collaboration product includes a stamped natural leather Paths peer-collaboration invitation that is exclusive to owners.

The Polished Nuts Knuckle Hammer - Stainless Steel

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Jason Momoa x Nash Motorcycle Co Knuckle Hammer is the stainless steel edition. We've taken the original design and finish to a new level by hand polishing the iconic Knucklehead nuts just like they would have been on a 1930's-40's Harley-Davidson Knucklehead. This piece really stands out and makes for a great addition to your tool chest or something to hang on the wall for Harley enthusiasts to gawk at for years to come. 

This project tapped into Jason Momoa’s passion for the classic late 1930’s era Harley-Davidson motor affectionately known to American motorcycle gearheads as the Knucklehead motor. The same engine that powers Jason's personal handbuilt bike.

Handmade in the USA and casted in stainless steel, the quality of these weighty hammers is unmistakable. The handle is made of dense Tennessee hickory, a fine wood of choice by many tool aficionados, and each hammer is individually hand stamped featuring Jason's "On The Roam" logo as well as the Nash Moto logo. Coming in at a solid 1.5 lbs and 13.5" tall, the Knuckle Hammer will happily smash, pound, fix or destroy all day long...or it's fine to just chill as the manliest biker paperweight ever.

You will get a special email invite to an “owner's community” where all of us, especially Jason, would love to collaborate by adding our photo selfies into one gallery. It'll be cool to ultimately see where these hammers end up. This collaboration will forever live on an emerging app (currently in beta) called Paths™. You'll always be able to look at the other worlds the hammer like yours has entered, and showcase to your people for years to come.

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