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El Gringo Bars - Chrome +$65 - Handlebars
El Gringo Bars - Copper +$65 - Handlebars
El Gringo Bars - Gloss Black +$65 - Handlebars
El Gringo Bars - Matte Black +$20 - Handlebars
El Gringo Bars - Raw - Handlebars
El Gringo Bars - Handlebars

El Gringo Bars

Universal Fit

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Designed after our El Gringo bike, these one of a kind bars feature a 5″ pullback and a 10″ base. They measure 29″ grip to grip and have a 4″ height, with a welded cross bar and unique corners. These bars are sure to give your bike that one of a kind look you want. If you’re ordering one of our sticky throttles, we can cut and prep your bars so they’re ready and the throttle is in when you get them as an additional option. 

*If adding a Cable Kit to your order, please specify at checkout what bars you are currently running & also what type of bike you have.*

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El Gringo Bars
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