Nashty Fuel Bag (PTM) - Priced To Move
Nashty Fuel Bag (PTM) - Priced To Move

Nashty Fuel Bag (PTM)

Universal Fit

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A combination of the Nashty Ol’ Bag and Nashty Ol’ Fuel Sling comprised into one small unit. This is the perfect compact bag for a hoodie, your registration, and some tools. Made right here in the USA from high-quality local leather and featuring a sexy look you can’t get from any other bag. Added on to the side of the bag with reinforced leather is our Nashty Ol’ Fuel Sling, the fuel sling holds an extra quarter gallon of fuel to give you that extra boost in desperate riding situations. The 33 fl.oz. fuel bottle will give you an average of 10 miles extra riding time, and 10 fewer miles you have to ditch your bike on the side of the road and walk. The fuel sling is handmade and will fit just about any application with easily adjustable straps, nickel hardware, and quick snaps on top and bottom so you can slide the bottle out quickly and get back on the road. The aluminum bottle is included with the sling and has a 1″ opening so that it’s easy to fill at the pump. 

Discounted for some finish scratches and leather imperfection.

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