18" Pudgy Gimp - Black - Dimple, Drilled, Knurled (PTM) # 9

18" Pudgy Gimp - Black - Dimple, Drilled, Knurled (PTM) # 9

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Buy this pair of bars! 18" Pudgy Gimp Gloss Black   Dimpled, Drilled and Knurled.''

 1 1/4” Gimp Hangers with a 1” step down base and grips. These bars will fit any 1” application (Also available in 1 1/4" base). Created from the original Gimp Hanger design, these bars will give your bike that different look you need and that fat look you want. These work great to square up your front end and offer a comfortable ride.  The dimensions are 10.5” at the base, 35” grip to grip and a 5” pullback. 

*Discounted for over stock and slight finish blem possibly.

*If adding a Cable Kit to your order, please specify at checkout what bars you are currently running & also what type of bike you have.*

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